I know I am the black sheep of my family. I have three brothers and one sister who all are Ryan Reynolds wanna be's. I am a sports junkie that lifts weights and I am not too smart and definetly not witty. The last time I was with my brothers mom and sister I got into a huge fight with my older brother about something I was saying as a metaphor that he took literally because he is anal retentive. When I amke a comment about a sports team my mom or my younger brother almost automatically come back with "Then why don't you coach them" it makes me feel like an idiot and I was trying to join in on a conversation. I really have no idea on how to tell my family that they are being huge butt holes in the way they treat me. I understand that I live four hundred miles away but they don't have to treat me like a second class citizens when I come to visit. Which brings me to my next point I am the only one who takes time off to come see them, and when I do they don't take time off to see me while I am down there. They have came to see me twice in the past five years one was for my high school graduation, and the other was for my wedding (which my older brother was supposed to be the best man and bailed). I just don't know how to handle this situation anymore and I was hoping someone would have the right answer

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Keep your distance. They'll try to sabotage you every way they can. My family was the same way.<br />
I visit for important events. Then I leave everyone and don't get entangled into their madness.

**** them! If you are happy with yourself and you have a caring wife then why put yourself through it. I am going through something very similar in my life and I am now realizing that although family is important I value the opinions and love I receive from my friends just as much. Limit your visits with these ":life vampires." Why do i call them this? Well because they are sucking part of your life from you every time you allow them to treat you in this manner. YOU DESERVE BETTER! Find it and then prove them wrong.