If It Wasn't For Me Life Would Be Boring!

I am the youngest of two, my sister is 16 months older than me. I was pretty much labeled the black sheep at birth, a title that was passed to me from my father. I think it was because I looked so much like him that it was just automatically assumed that I would be like him. To an extent this was true, but how much of that is due to the fact it was pushed onto me I will never know. To hear my family tell it one would be led to believe that I was the spawn of Satan growing up. My memories don't quite back those accusations up though. I remember myself as a great kid, I did well in school, listened to what I was told, never really caused any drama. I was always free willed and very artistic, but still not a rebel. My parents never tried to set the bar high for me, even after being placed in a school for gifted children they still showed no pride in me. I was just expected to fail. My sister, whom i feel sorry for, was the one that took the brunt of the pressure. She was expected to be the best in everything. When I always did better, it was almost frowned at...my success was hampering my sisters destiny. I was often put down and labeled a showoff because I did well. Eventually I started to just play dumb. That is a hard task for an intelligent person, but it was the only way I could be accepted. Towards the end of my teens I had pretty much given up, I got pregnant at 17 and pretty much lived by the substandard expectations.  To this day, keep in mind I am a mother of 2 going on 3 and almost 30, my family still holds that label against me. My sister is the perfect one and well I am just me.

amyjo3 amyjo3
26-30, F
Mar 9, 2009