Saying that I'm the black sheep of the family probably isn't accurate.We're all black sheeps.None of us fit in with the rest but in that way we fit together,if that makes any sort of sense.I was in the car the other day with my sister and my mother and the conversation that took place was bizarre.That's when I felt like the black sheep.My whole family thinks this way,my whole family is THIS dysfunctional and while I may be off-kilter in the way I think,I don't think like they do.I don't relieve my stress the same way they do.I can't find humor in what they do.I can't "join in" very often.I try to but it doesn't feel like I'm being me when I do that so I don't.
My family is made-up of misfits though so I don't feel alienated too much.We're all a little off..that makes everyone accepting of one another,thank goodness. :)


AmayaEkio AmayaEkio
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 8, 2009

Hi,<br />
I can be brutally honest & admit that i am also the black-sheep of my family,.... the thing is after far too many years spent crying & generally feeling miserable due to their mistreatment of me ( as well as others around them ) i seriously do not care anymore.<br />
They are not only disfunctional but also live in a world of warped make-believe that has actually placed the lives of others in danger!<br />
Being the black-sheep is not ( for me personally) a bad thing because it has in all honesty assured that i learned to find ME & be true to myself!<br />
If you would ever like to chat then contact me & we can share stories ( if you would like).<br />
Take-care & best-wishes.