Tired Of Being The Black Sheep Of The Family

 I am the black sheep of the family, and all because i don't make as much money as they do. im sorry if I don't live up to their standards. I work 40 hours a week and am buying my own home. {of course it  not as good as their homes} I was told they were going to have thanksgiving but it wasn't going to be on thanksgiving day. It was going to be the fri before thanksgiving, They all know i work 2nd shift. I go in @ 4:30 they were going to eat at five. I dont get paid sick days so i cant take off when ever they decided to have a holiday on a different day. I know there are alot sadder stories on here but i am just feeling hurt, that they dont like me just because i dont make  as much money as they do.

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lol dont feel bad. at least you're not an orphaned black sheep like i am. your family takes you for granted right...? *** them when you're old and pale with nothing but your spouse, that is if your lucky enough to have one whats are you going to think about? how your family sucked and saw you as a black sheep? no.... your going to think about how your family is better then the one you grew up with. How you applied the emotional feelings you have towards your personal family and made sure not of our offspring ended up the way you did. Thats what matters. Everyone in on this planet seems to live for them selfs. Break the cycle, **** the rest and make a better future for you and the people who love you for who you are. Thats the only thing that matters.

Thank you for your kind wishes Starring U. it's not so much that I'm concerned that I'm unloved it's just that families aren't always the way we'd like them to be. There wasn't a lot of affection in ours so we siblings have suffered due to this. Everyone has their cross or crosses to bear and mine is my family but actually I am a fairly happy person because I am blessed with other things in life.

Even though alot of your thoughts are no doubt justifiable, alot of times, we get so down on ourselves that we jeapordiz our own chance at a true happy interior. I also always claimed the "blacksheep" role, lol, in fact my sisters and I "fought" over who was the blackest of black sheeps. :)<br />
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Yeah, i know it sounds silly and all, but truly, next time you feel left out, see if not contacting them will make them worried about you....I guarantee you arent as unloved as you think!!<br />
Merry Christmas, !

I have always been a black sheep too because I am not like anyone in my family; having moved to Europe, gotten a college degree, studied art, married foreigners, think differently in every way and oddly enough more "successful" in life with an honest career, a nice little home, a good marrage, but still not part of this family of mine. It is like the ex<x>pression goes; "you can choose your friends but not your family." I live by that motto. Also my sister and brother have been in jail and I haven't. They also hardly worked a day in their lives and I worked all my life. Both of them had kids but were neglectful parents and I never had children. The list goes on and on but sometimes some people win with families and sometimes they don't. I won in other ways, so I can bear being a black sheep.