Definately The Black Sheep

I am the black sheep of 5 boys no sisters, right in the middle. My two olders brothers have just been handed everything even though they are complete screw ups. My two younger brothers somehow believe they are a gift to the world and think they are the best looking things to grace this family (far from it but to each its own). I am just there getting more invisable by the minute. My mom seems to always talk about how handsome her kids are but some how im never included in this list so I must be the ugly black sheep. I am however the smartest so atleast i have that but it hard because while they are all stupid as hell they get it all handed to them I thing I deserve a break sometimes.


Sorry for my grammer im sick and I ate TOOOO much today.

Natemares Natemares
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3 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Yes, try it -- it will possibly be a wake-up call for the rest of the family

lol<br />
I just might do that.

When introducing yourself to new people who visit your home, just stick out your hand and say: "Hi! I'm the sensible one in the family!"