My Bpd Maternal Parental

I say "maternal parental" because she doesnt deserve the name "mom" or any name like that, that expresses love or kindness. My BPD maternal parental sexually abused me from infancy through teenage years. She still has sexual feelings toward me and I am now 51. I see her only once a month for about 45 minutes. Call her every other day for maybe a 2 minute conversation..and that is too much contact. I am hoping that my circumstances will change this January (waiting on something to come through) and then the contact will be at completely ZERO. That I will be very very very very pleased and happy about. My best to you all out there who are suffering from BPD. My best to you all out there who have a BPD parent, like I did. Glad I found you guys, so I can express my anger, hurt, frustration
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