I Rest My Case

I'm 24 live with my grandma and two younger brothers. I think my grandma is crazy, she fights with everyone about everything all the time. I used to feel bad for her because everyone couldn't stand her, used to stand beside her when no one else would. My aunt walked out on her and now lives in another country permanently.
so I'm the only one she's left with.
I'm still in varsity but I get a small allowance from the government, I know it's not much but she is never satisfied with what I bring home. If I get myself a new pair of jeans I'm in trouble she'll be like "You got yourself jeans, what did you get me".

The latest is about toothpaste and unbelievable
She comes in my room
"you didn't buy toothpaste"
then she walks out.
I go to the living room and hear her talking to my uncle "the sneakers she's wearing are more expensive than toothpaste"
Mind you my boyfriend got me those sneakers and she knows it. At this rate I'm afraid to get myself anything because it hurts her and she's mean. To me. I didn't know this until today but I am through with her. Let her stand there alone making a fool of herself and screaming at everyone who cares look at her or talks to her. I am through and rest my case.
I have been through this with her so many times and I always had a reason to love her despite it all. She says I'm selfish and I go out buy her groceries because she has to eat and not one thank you or how are you doing today. Its always I want, I want, you never do this or that and you're stubborn, selfish and no one will marry you

I've had enough
I rest my case
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Typically ppl with bpd act like a child having a tantrum. If I were to come into the room with my arm missing, bleeding every where, my mother would say to me... " oh you think that's bad? ONE TIME..." The world has to revolve around them. The best to do is just leave them alone. I love my mother dearly but she acts just like this and what you have to do it give it up or ignore it or even leave the situation.

Her mind isn't right. In order to save your own sanity, you should move out and lose all contact with her. She will never change.