Who Was The Parent In Your Life?

Something I am pondering, now Im getting counselling, is WHO brought me up so well. My dad, for his own sanity, was emotionally cold. My grandparents were controlling and very strict. I think, in hindsight, that various aunts and schoolteachers had cottoned on to the situation and stepped in. I certainly spent as much time in school and at friends houses as I could. But I was taught to be such a well-behaved child that I just did as I was told and read in my room, did my homework, went to bed early and kept my head down.Three times from the age of 8 to 12 I was sent to either an aunt or a grandparent for several months at a time - never told why, or when I would go home and having to be schooled in a strange town. And so the months rolled on. When I reached 14, my mother decided that she and I were going to be friends, and as such cried when I wanted to go out. She was intensly jealous and told me so. When I had my first boyfriend her jealousy went off the scale. She did her best to split us up, and part of that was writing a letter to my headmistress so disturbing that my headmistress told me she was contacting social services to see if she could put me with foster carers. As I was 16, it never came to anything, but I would have gladly gone.
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I'm sorry you had those experiences. I can relate with the jealousy : / just keep putting one foot in front of the other.