Who Was The Parent In Your Life?

Something I am pondering, now Im getting counselling, is WHO brought me up so well. My dad, for his own sanity, was emotionally cold. My grandparents were controlling and very strict. I think, in hindsight, that various aunts and schoolteachers had cottoned on to the situation and stepped in. I certainly spent as much time in school and at friends houses as I could. But I was taught to be such a well-behaved child that I just did as I was told and read in my room, did my homework, went to bed early and kept my head down.Three times from the age of 8 to 12 I was sent to either an aunt or a grandparent for several months at a time - never told why, or when I would go home and having to be schooled in a strange town. And so the months rolled on. When I reached 14, my mother decided that she and I were going to be friends, and as such cried when I wanted to go out. She was intensly jealous and told me so. When I had my first boyfriend her jealousy went off the scale. She did her best to split us up, and part of that was writing a letter to my headmistress so disturbing that my headmistress told me she was contacting social services to see if she could put me with foster carers. As I was 16, it never came to anything, but I would have gladly gone.
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it is so - mothers, being neglected by theirs "mad" husbands, turn to their children for love and comfort.. and , inevitabily, ruin their children's lives. Happend to me, too. It is a struggle to turn your back at your mother, but... she deserves it. Believe me, she does. SHE is the only one person responsible for her misery. SHE has decided to stay with him, to let her go ... so you either move on, or you die painfully with her. It is heartbreaking. But she doesn't have the right to ruin your life, either, right?You are NOT the one responsible for her happiness. SHE is. I moved on, and guess what happend? She waked up, and started to take care of herself. YOU are the one to choose. And as I said it is heartbreaking. Because you love her. But if you really love her, you will have to hurt her, in order to help her... and you.

I'm sorry you had those experiences. I can relate with the jealousy : / just keep putting one foot in front of the other.