Teenagers Really Need to Think Twice.

My mom was 15 the day I was born, my father was 17.  I actually had a rather privleged early childhood, thanks to my mom's dad and my dad's parents.  They helped out alot.  I lived with my mom full time, and my dad on the weekends and school breaks.  They didn't fight over custody, things were equal and it was good.  I had two birthdays and Christmases every year, what kid wouldn't want that?

When I was six my mom got pregnant with my brother, and we got evicted from our apartment because my grandpa couldn't afford to pay our bills anymore.  I had to go live with my dad and grandparents for six months.  During this time, I suffered emotionally, I acted out in school.  I became very overweight because my grandma let me eat and eat and eat.  My dad's girlfriend was so mean to me, I just missed my mom and sister.  Finally I got to go home when my mom moved into a place, it was a shack, but it was our house for six years.

I basically had two different lives for years.  One was my home life:  We were so poor, we went without a car for a long time and when we had one it was so crappy.  I was embarrassed of my house and car (I was a child, don't flip out on me).  There were times we didn't have a phone, food, and we never had cable.  My mom would invite her friends over on weeknights and make me and my sister stay in the back of the house where our bedroom was.

If we came out to the living room for some reason, she would grab us by the arm, act all smiley in front of her friends, and then when we got down the hall she would hit or pinch us and throw us in our room.  My dad named it "the dungeon" because a mutual friend of my parents came over and noticed my mom throwing us in our room for all night.  I know now that she was just young and wanted to hang out with her friends. 

At my dad's, things were different:  Since he lived with his parents, he only paid our health insurance and for his car.  I thought he had all the money in the world.  He took me on vacations, bought me whatever I wanted, and all brand name clothes and shoes.  But it wasn't all roses.  He had a girlfriend on and off throught my childhood.   They had a very violent relationship.  They got into violent fights and the police were called out on several occasions.

My dad smoked and dealed A LOT of weed.  He often wanted to hang out at places that were not suitable for children.  His friends houses were nothing but disgusting party drug houses.  We would go there, roaches scaling the walls, and my dad would leave me to be entertained by the children of the houses.  These children were always wild and dirty, since no one cared about them, their parents were too busy getting f**ked up.  We would stay out at these people's houses until three and four AM.  That is obviously not suitable for a child.

My dad's girlfriend was very jealous of me and very mean to me.  She got a thrill anytime I got yelled at by my dad.  There was one point where she got him into yelling at me for having stains in my panties.  Like, if I didn't wipe well enough.  I was a little girl!  She would literally inspect my panties.  On fridays, after school, I would try to hurry and change my underwear before my dad picked me up.  One time she did laundry and didn't get the stains out my underwear, on purpose, and as my dad was folding laundry she pointed out every stain to him.  I cried the entire time I was being yelled at. 

Eventually my dad lost everything and became a drug addict.  So he is not in my life much.  I still live with my mom, and my whole life its been like we are friends, sisters, rather than mother and daughter.  We basically share in raising my brother since his dad died.  She treated me like an adult way before I was ready to be one.  I was mainly a companion to her, so she always told me too much.  We have gone through so much together.  Now our life is alot more stable.  We have a big enough house, a car thats good, and our bills get paid.

I wouldn't have any other mother but I would have liked it alot better if she would have given birth to me a this point in her life, rather than twenty years ago.

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You sound very mature and wise from your life's experience.

My parents were young too (19) and separated early. It would have probably done us both much better had one not spoken so poorly about the other parent though.

Yes, we definitely are survivors. I mean, I had a bit more privleged of a life then most children of teenage parents, because of my dad for a while there. But there was alot of bad parts to it because my parents were not mature. My dad would tell me mean things about my mom.<br />
<br />
My mom was always eager for me to leave on the weekends. I know they loved me, they just got sick of being parents sometimes. Which, if I was a parent right now I would get sick of the kid sometimes too. I had custody of my dad's two little boys and I really got tired of it sometimes. <br />
<br />
But now I'm just happy to be grown up and ready to move on with my life.