Drunk Daddy...

My dad was in prison the first 8 years of my life, when he finally got out i didnt really kno anything about alcohol, my mom didnt drink. Up until i think i turned 10 i didnt realize my dad was an alcoholic. My mom would sit by the window at nite waiting for my dad, i didnt kno he was out drunk, until days later when he would come home still drunk and with a neck full of hickeys. Then my dad would get verbally abusive as i got older, when my mom was gone for a little while he would say mean things to me and make me cry. As i got older i would get dropped off by my dads family with my dad and he would stay drunk all weekend and i was left to fend for myself. I really didnt kno these people. Soon I was drinking too and my dad didnt like it. When i was 14 i stayed out and drank one nite, came home and got into an argument with my mom, i dont kno what happend but the next thing i knew my dad puched me and i hit the floor. He pounded my head on the floor for a few minutes, i guess till i almost couldnt even control my hands. I just couldnt understand why he was so mad...I was like him. Well just recently I cut all ties with my dad, I told him he was dead to me. He dont love us kids or his grandkids, he only thinks about himself. Its better this way....for me anyway.
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Luckily, you're not alone. the only thing I could count in when it came to my dad was finding him passed out drunk on the couch with his hand down his pants.<br />
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You go girl for standing up to your dad. I hope you told him he's pathetic.

Thanks ladies...its hard because he still has ties to my sibblings and i see him treat them the way he used to treat me. But everyone has to learn, its just ashame hes not the one learning.

I'm sorry you went through all this. For many its hard to cut ties with a parent no matter how abusive, you are very brave for making the right decision.

It's a shame your dad is an alcoholic and put all the people who love him through so much pain and misery. You have your reasons for saying those words to your dad and feeling the way that you do. It's just sad when this happens.