"Recovering" Alcoholic... Not!

All my life my dad was/is a verbally abusive alcoholic. When I was little I thought he drank a whole lot of water, but I later learned that the drink perpetually at his side was a gin and tonic. He was usually unemployed and drove drunk with his children as passengers on numerous occasions. He brought my sister and I into a bar so he could get a drink before I was even nine years old. He called me a c*nt and a b*tch. We fought constantly. My mom and dad divorced around when I turned 18 (about a year ago) and Dad was supposedly a "recovering" alcoholic after that. Of course, when my sister and I visited him over Christmas Break, we realized we could drop off the "recovering" part from his title. He's a bit better in how he treats us now, but I can't make myself forgive him, because every time I try to I end up disappointed again. Guess that's just the nature of the beast, huh?
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Thanks so much, sparkyy35! I never thought of it that way. I'll try it out. Sorry to hear you grew up in a similar situation, and I really do appreciate the advice.<br />
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