My Mom...

my mom has been an alcoholic since her teenager years. and her mother was a drunk also. my dad was my mom's second husband and i was her first child. she really wanted a baby becasue with her first husband she had a miscarridge. so my mom would go out to her friend Cindy's house all the time and have partys there and drink and cheat on my daddy. which was not right. and then she had gotten pregnant with her 3rd husband while cheating on my dad. and it was all because of her drinking. well she used to tell me how usless i was and hit me and my baby brother and was so abusive and never cared about us and would always party with her friedns and have boyfriend s come voer then she got married again to her 4th husband and now had 4 different children. i never new why she drank. well then we got into a car accident and we were all taken away from her and i had visitations with her. but they diddnt last long. and my mom has been on probabtion so many times. well she couldnt take our small town anymore becasue she was hatted by alot of people here so she moved with her sister to arizonia.  when i was 11 years old and that was the last time i seen her. but i had still been talking to her on th phone and facebook. well 2 years ago  she had my brother vinny. which is a mexican. and she still hasnt stopped her drinking. but it has been getting to her head. cuz she gotten arrested doen there and been on probation for drunk driving and so on. well just recently she left and sent me a huge package of her things and a sadddd letter.... and idk where she went. i always look at our pictures together and cry and say it was my fault she left because i wanted to live with my dad, but it was because of her drinking thats why. and io began cutting myself and when i would see blood it made me fell better cuz then i know im punishing myself for macking my mom leave me and my first born brother. why did she leave us? please mommy come back home ... ill take care of u. and make u stop drinking. i just hope she is alright with vinny and is safe and lives her life out happy. i love her and miss her. but she lied to me so much and so many times. she lives on her lies and when someone figures her lies out she moves and changes herself and w0ont let anyone no its her. idk what to do. i will never have a mommy that i can have memories with and talk too. i will never have a mother and daughter bond. i miss u mommy. pleaseeee pleaseeee come home.
AggirRogers AggirRogers
13-15, F
Jun 6, 2011