This Will Only Make You Stronger.

AS I read stories of people that are putting themselves out there I admire their courage and there strength.
I am always left wondering if things in peoples lives define who they are or what they can achieve in there life.

As for me I am a child of a acholic parent who by her sickness died from a overdose. I am was also a child that was pretty much thrown away because of a new marriage and their new children. I am not resentful now but I think certain things might have lead me to a failed marriage and to stay because I would not want my children to have to live in a broken family.

Through all my turmoil I had discover what I could do on my own merit. I put myself through school, I had owned a successful business, I have sons that treat me like I am there favorite person in the world.

I write this for anyone out there that thinks life has beat them down, everytime I thought this, I would pick myself up and tell myself things will get better, you can make them better.

gingerpie71 gingerpie71
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1 Response Feb 16, 2012

Yes moving on is key. Dwelling only makes you more sad. My therapist suggested when I do wallow in bad thoughts, I should try tell myself that this thinking is unproductive - it only makes you go deeper and deeper into a state what I call "SAD". Do something else - think of something else. It is gradually working for me.