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I Dont Want To Be Like Her

I dont want to be a drunken unhappy women when I grow up. Every time I look in the mirror I desperately look for the similarities I share with my dad and hope that Im more of him than I am of my mother. When I was younger I even wanted to dye my hair and get contacts so I would look more like my dad. Every time I see the color of my hair, my eyes, and my skin I see the resemblance I share with my mother. Im 17 and im afraid to go to parties because what If I have a drink, what If i get drunk? what if i become like her?
E0521 E0521 16-17, F 1 Response Apr 22, 2012

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I dont live with my mother, but i know enough about her to worry about the same things. I'm scared to even be around alcohol for fear of being easily addicted.