Because Of My Dad, I'll Never Touch Beer.

I literally don't want anything to do with alcohol after dealing with an alcoholic father my entire life. He has a lot of problems, but his most irritating one has got to be his alcoholism.

One recurring theme is him sitting around drinking beer and complaining about how badly his life sucks. If I don't sit there and listen to his moping, he gets angry and starts trying to guilt trip me by saying I "don't care about him". I even remember one time he threatened suicide and was trying to say I don't care about him the entire time.

Yeah I get that he has problems, but I honestly don't want to sit around listening to his drunken moping 24/7 while he tries to put me down. It doesn't mean I don't care about him, it just means I don't want to listen to him complain all the time... which I think is reasonable. I mean, does anyone seriously want to sit around listening to how much their father hates their life?

There really isn't anything I can do about this either. This is one of those helpless situations where absolutely nothing I do will change the situation.

This is why I refuse to even consider drinking alcohol. I want nothing to do with it and friends that try to push it on me tend to not stay my friend for very long. So as irritating as my father is, perhaps I should thank him for drilling into my head how stupid it is to drink.
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Thanks for sharing with us TJ. I'm sure it's a crappy situation, but my best advice (coming from someone who experienced the exact same thing) is to distance yourself from the negativity. You'll thank yourself for it later I assure you :) Best of luck young buck.

I'm really sorry that you're in that situation. I wish more people would take on this perspective from being in this kind of situation, though. My boyfriend's dad is an alcoholic, and it's always worried me because he didn't take this "no alcohol" outlook from it, but I've come to realize that he's not really on the road to alcohol dependency. I still keep an eye out, and it's always a tiny worry in the back of my mind, but he seems to have a pretty good handle on keeping himself from becoming his father. But anyway, it really is such a tough situation to deal with, especially once you reach adulthood. He's always stuck between loving his dad and wanting to visit him, and really not wanting to go there and see all the unpleasantness of his situation (his health has taken a turn for the worst... he started drinking massive amount of liquor when he was around 12). I hope you can find some way to deal with it that's the least painful for you, and I really respect your decision to not even give alcoholism the chance to creep up on you.

my dad is an alcoholic too and im with you i dont drink. i have friends who drink and im okay with them drinking but it get annoying watching them get drunk. i also just wont let myself go there because i refuse to be like my dad. im sure i could handle my drinking but i dont see the point in it. i respect your decision and i feel for you.

Hmm, i can relate i have an alcholic dad and its not nice listening to a drunk talk about their life and how they suffer etc... its sad hearing it all the time i grew up hearing it and most of the time i use to tell my dad to shut up because i didn't want to hear his sad words...

Yeah that's how I feel about it. It's unfortunate that we can't really do anything about it either. =s

Hmm, so very true....