Mom Is A Alocholic And Anorexia

My mom has been an alcoholic before i was born. For years now she started to become anorexia. My dad always worked so he didn't have to be home to be around it. Fights always happened between my mom and I and a few years ago it got physical. It hasn't since that night but the verbal abuse will always be there. She has been in accidents and has had DUI's. Im 23 years old and i still live at home because i dont make enough money to be on my own. For the past year she has been in and out of the hospital because her liver and kidneys are failing. She doesn't care enough to want to get help. I have been reading online about the effects that it has on us. Every possible thing on the list i felt. I have felt the need to want to have approvial, to be loved, liked, been depressed, had suicidal thoughts. It never got to me this bad but recently it has been catching up with me and reading the information that i did i understand that i need to seek counceling. I love my mom to death and i have tried everything i can to try and help her and she doesnt want to get help. My mom weighs 90 pounds and is 58 and she thinks she is fat. She drinks and drinks and the fights happen almost every night. When i turned 18 i got my belly peirced and when she found out, she threw me up against the wall. One night my mom and I were fighting because i dyed my hair and she didnt like it and my dad stepped in and i turned my head and she had her hands around my dads neck. So here is a piece of my life. If you guys have any suggestion or just a piece of good advice, please leave me a comment.
countrygal0788 countrygal0788
May 23, 2012