My Dad's Alcohol Story

It started when I was little, only,I didn't understand anything. I kept on screaming and getting mad at my mom because I thought it was her fault my parents divorced. In my Middle School years I have started noticing my father acted strange, not like a normal father. He did inappropriate comments when he was around my, like for example: "look at that girls ***" I was totally intimidated, and kept quite. My mother admitted he was an alcoholic and that he had problems when I was in 6th grade. I started seeing this teacher, like talking to her almost once a week, since her brother had been an alcoholic, and she always helped me. Anyways, I asked my father to stop drinking, in 6th grade, told him that if he didn't stop he wasn't going to see me again. We didn't see each other for 8 months, and finally he told me he recovered. I went to visit him, but after all it was a lie. This happened for about 7 times. In the end I was sick of it, and gave him a last chance, he promised he was sober, and had attended a hospital. So I went to visit him in the country he lives with my best friend. It turns out we arrive there and he is completely ddrunk. He starts leaning on me an telling me how much he loves me, and trying to kiss me. A minute after he falls completely drunk on top of me. It was totally shaming because my friend was completel shocked. I had a serious conversation with him,, and when I entered his apartment he couldn't even stand up. I went to the kitchen and saw a napkin full of blood. I asked what it was, he answered, I fell against the wall when I was drunk. He said he would stop, but didn't. Now Im in 8th grade, it was my birthday in april, he came to visit me, I was alone with him at the shopping mall. He asked for a beer, not alcohol free. I started crying there, in front of everyone. I said a few things to him. We went into zara, so I could get my promotion dress, he went into the ladies changing room and opened the door of a poor woman. I was ashamed, and ran away. I went to my house and he was there, he asked where i wanted to go for dinner, I told him to go away. He gave me this shity speech telling me he is my father, and i need to love him. In the end I opened the door, told him to leave, and never come back. He keeps on sending me these super annoying text messages, I don't think I can take it anymore. And my friends don't understand. They talk about how wonderful their parents are, I just don't get it. Hope someone reply's, I could really use some advice, or someone to talk to right now.
pinkpassionforever pinkpassionforever
13-15, F
May 25, 2012