It Actually Wasn't That Long Ago

That my moms problems really started. My parents always had drinks every day when I was growing up. Usually wine coolers, or rum and coke, or beer. But they never drank to get drunk. The first time I saw my mom drunk was probably about 5 years ago, and it's been a terrible decline since. Now every day, she comes home and grabs a beer before she even puts her things down. She's a very petite woman, it doesn't take much to get her drunk. She's the worst kind of drunk too, she'll tell you the same story 800. times, she never remembers when you tell her things, she talks about "how awful her life is" and when she wants attention or if you say something that ****** her off, which isn't hard, she threatens suicide. Its worse now that I am currently living with my family because we cannot afford our own place. I find that on her day off, when she's drunk by noon, I'm constantly having to defend myself for something I said that she didn't like. Last year, on my first mothers day, we had gotten her a card with a button that said "proud new grandma" to wear to work and when she was drunk and angry she whipped at me while I was holding my newborn. She's fallen down drunk in public, made scenes at restaurants, and has embarressed herself in front of family friends. She'll admit to having a problem and then take it back. My dad refuses to admit that she has a problem or try to help her. The sooner I move out, the better.
LaDispute LaDispute
Jun 12, 2012