My Mom Drinks A Lot

Ok so when I was 11 my mom started drinking a lot when her boyfriend broke up with her. Since then she has started drinking a lot. Whenever I am with her there seems to always be a time when she is drinking and it makes me angry. The worst part was when I was in the car with her and she was drunk and we bumped into somebody and they called the cops and she went to jail for a few days and I had to be in a police car and be taken to the police station and wait for my dad to pick me up from there. And I still love my mom so much and I just wish I could be with my sober mom again and I could go live with my dad but if I d o I will feel like I have abandoned her. I have tried to talk to my friend but he does not get it. My mom I am afraid will never stop drinking.
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13-15, M
1 Response Jun 21, 2012

Even if you feel like you abandoning her, you have to take care of yourself. Its not your job to take care of your mom. The more consequences she has may be good for her recovery. I know that was embarrassing, been there.