I Think She's Getting Better

Most of my life, my mom was a functional alcoholic - she remained buzzed just about all the time. She'd go from just a bit of a smile to swaying slightly through a day. but on some weekends, she'd go out and come back staggering, sometimes puking, and fall unconscious. There were three bottles under the sink - two vodka and a Jim Bean Black label - and they would go empty every week. We went through life pretty much trying to ignore each other. I seldom even spoke to her if I could avoid it. I was the one who had to remember all the chores and the grocery lists and when the bills had to be paid.

This past month we've gotten close and opened up to each other. And I noticed that she's seldom even drinking. The bottles under the sink are the same ones that were there last month. And she hasn't gone out on a weekend bender in a month.

At the beginning of the month she remembered to pay the bills without being reminded. And we both actually helped clean the house. She even helped me get a part-time job.

I hated my mom the booze smelling annoyance, but I love Ellen, my pretty and loving mother.
MrSmithNumberOne MrSmithNumberOne
18-21, M
Jul 14, 2012