My Mum Is An Alcoholic And My Father Is Slowly Dieng Of Cancer

I have been so desperate to talk to someone but now i have a chance i dont know what to say. My mother is an alcoholic and my father has throat cancer.
I need to talk to someone who is going through something similar, someone who can understand............
Storm1309 Storm1309
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Hi MJB86 <br />
Im so sorry to hear about your mother thats awful :( .<br />
The thing is my mother knows and acknowledges that she is an alcoholic but has no intention or desire of stopping. Probably because she doesnt love me or my father or herself enough to stop.<br />
I feel like she hates me sometimes.<br />
And i know its a disease and all but i get so so tired of that being used as an excuse y'know? My father stopped drinking and so did my uncle...she could too but she doesnt WANT to. its that simple. it may be a disease but its also a choice.<br />
I am so proud of you for loving her unconditionally and supporting her. How long has she been an alcoholic? At some point you will probably turn a little bitter you know.. it happens.<br />
Thanks so much for commenting and yes talking really does help. :)

louisthepearl - Thank you, and im sorry to hear about your father. Its really really not nice having an alcoholic parent (s). For the first ten years of my life my father was an alcoholic and for the next ten after that my mother was and still is. Its like she is another person and i can hardly remember what she was like when she wasnt drunk. Ive basically had to take care of myself for the past ten years. it was hard at first but now its easier. How long has your dad been an alcoholic and how do you deal with it?

Hi Storm<br />
My mother is an alcoholic and has recently been diagnosed with cancer as well. There is not a lot to be said that will comfort you, but you just have to say strong. Unfortunately the biggest battle with alcoholism is the admission of their addiction and until this time there is not a lot that can be said or done to help.<br />
The way I tend to treat the situation is that Mum is diseased and all I can do is try to support her in the only way I can and that is to love her unconditionally. <br />
If you want to talk a bit more, please just let me know.. sometimes just having someone to talk to that is removed from your situation will help.