My Dad ....

im 14 my dad is an alcoholic he has been forever i dont kno i time when he wasnt
i got diagnosed with diabetes and he hasnt learned how to take care of me he sits at home and drinks its been two years since ive seen him
he wud get drunk and beat me everytime i was with him when he wasnt intoxicated he was so fun and nice and loving when he drinks he changes he gets aggresive he abused me and now i dont c him but i miss him and i dont kno why but my little brother his mom and her fiance have helped so much i have adopted her fiance as my dad but my dad doesnt give up he has shown up to my house drunk to tell me that i was the reason he is so bad that i caused his life to fall apart he has ten kids he got another girl pregnant while my mom was pregnant with me i have only met three of my siblings i now find my self drinking and im now an alcoholic myself what happened to me i was so diffferent now i cut do drugs and drink i need help
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Hey, I am 20 years old and was checked into rehab. Almost everyone (including myself) in there had parents who abused substances. Addiction is genetic, low dopamine receptors are passed down to the children. I am making no excuses for your Dad; he needs to take responsibility for his problems and alcoholism. I do want to give you some insight. When I used pain killers, I was not nice. I was agitated and liked to blame others for everything. I was also a very sad person. I believe it is easier for your dad to drink because once you sober up, you start feeling the guilt. But at the end of the day, it is his job to get clean. What I hope is that you go to an AA meeting. Tell your story. You will quickly see that you are not alone. It was really brave of you to admit this. I know its not easy. I f you ever want to talk, please message me. :)

thank you i appreciate it i kno what your saying for me when im on stuff im just idk im funny goofy everything but i always end up doing something i regret

Everyone does this to some degree. I have yet to go to a meeting and have someone say "I used to be a bad person but once I started to drink and use drugs, I became an all around better person." lol.

hhhahaha verry good point

I was in the same possition as you at 14. I started with drugs and alcohol because of my dad and his drink problems. But consider this- do you want to end up like him? You need to think about yourself and find that strong person inside. Try to learn from your dads mistakes, ask yourself, did alcohol ever do anything to help him? <br />
<br />
Find some motervation to stop drinking, start a hobbie, dont go down the same path as me, its one part of my life i regret! Show your dad how much stronger you are than him! It might just teach him a few things :) Take care, Lulu :) x

thank you i think the fact that all this stuff it has made me focus on my art and make ssome of my best stuff and id get pissed at my dad n then play music and tht is when im my best

Heya...<br />
Im so sorry to hear that. My mom is an alcoholic too. She has also really changed. I dont remember how she used to be anymore - it was so long ago. All i know is that she used to be my best friend and now i feel like she hates me. She has hit me - once, thrown stuff at me like glasses - alot and has kicked me out of the house at night when i had no where to go. I know how they get. <br />
I also get tempted to start drinking - just so she can see how she likes it but i remind myself that i would never ever want to be like her. Now i am so scared of turning onto an alcoholic that i totally avoid it.<br />
So i also get why you turned to drinking. Maybe try to remind yourself of what you hate about it and how you dont ever want to turn out like him.<br />
You need to take care of yourself coz chances are no one else will. If you can seek comfort from another family member do try - theres no shame in asking for help.<br />
If you want to talk about anything msg me. <br />
Good luck.