The Best Hide And Seek Player In The World

It’s not a game.
It’s never ever been a game.
Yet you think it is...I guess.
I'm so tired, of finding the empty bottles that half-empty ones and even full ones that YOU try to keep in.
I’m’ tired of defending you; but I will defend you till the end.
I’m tied of having to deal with the fact that everyone is against you. Even I'm against you and you know it.
I'm tired of having to put salt in your bottles to cause a chemical reaction, but even indigestion won't stop you.
You can stop if you want. But you obviously don't want to.
I'm tired of playing this game...but it’s not a game.
But hey, you don't care.
You're the best hide and seek player in the world.
And you can play all day long...
GreenAcres7 GreenAcres7
13-15, F
Aug 12, 2012