Lost And Worried

my mother is an alcoholic. she remarried and he to became an alcoholic. they very rarely get along or ever agree on anything. its nothing for them to drink a 12-28 pack each everyday. my mother uses the excuse that shes cleaning the house or doing yard work and isn't bothering anyone and my step dad drinks just to be able to deal with her. they get really drunk and start picking fights with each other and then they start arguing. sometimes they get physical. Ive had to bandage so many cuts because they were to drunk to do it. they will throw stuff at each other, hit each other, break windows on the cars. one time my they were arguing and my step dad ended up in the hospital. and for the past 5-6 years Ive had to shield my 2 little brothers from it. i was always scared to do anything. it doesn't help that my mother is a control freak and always has to control what everyone does. so when they were fighting i wasn't ever able to go anywhere to get away from it. my boyfriend of going on 5 years has helped a lot. i always felt embarrassed when they would start arguing and when they would start to get physical we would have to peel them off of each other and we would sometimes get hit on accident.it got so bad to the point where i never wanted to go home. the only thing i wanted was to take my brothers and run. i would always tell my boyfriend that i want out and he would tell me just be patient. i finally graduated and me and my boyfriend moved into an apartment. im so scared that my parents will get into an argument and my brothers will get hurt. i want my parents to get help but i dont know how. my boyfriend always told me to call the cops when they were fighting but i dont want them to come and take my parents away and my little brothers be split up (they have different dads) i don't know what to do. i feel so selfish that i moved out and my brothers still have to deal with my parents.
survivedbutscared survivedbutscared
Aug 24, 2012