Im Only Thirteen Why Me ??

its like he hates me and I am always wrong and my brother is a little angel
I am only 13
last night we were out for dinner as a family me being a thirteen year old I couldn't get my stupid head phones untangled so I asked my mother who I honestly don't like all that much either but he said really loudly no you do it don't be a lazy *****
he always tells me I am not worth the space I take up and any time i ask him for help or anything he would just call me fat and lazy and that I need to ******* do things myself
i try so hard to make him happy but he is a alcoholic and just wont listen any boyfriends or even guy friends i have or had he was like to my best gay friend oh how much did she pay you to **** her
i lost that friend forever
he calls me a who** a re**** a s**** a sk*** a loser worthless
the farthest i have ever been with a guy is i kissed him on the cheek
what is wrong with me what have i ever done ?
Shelby111 Shelby111
13-15, F
Aug 27, 2012