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I always knew I was different bc I struggle with anxiety and depression disorders, but until this year, I did not know my moms drinking made her an alcoholic. We were never a normal family. It was every man for himself. Wake yourself up, make your own meals, etc. now I know her problem, she has tried to sober up but now I don't know when she's drunk or not. She try's to "parent" me and I feel very resentful that of all times she decides to now be here for me. I cry anytime there is a conflict and just cry out of fear of becoming as unhappy as her and becoming an alcoholic. School is my big struggle now and i don't know how much longer I can take all this
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i understand 100%. my mom was never there for me and she didn't care to be. i was always depressed and had alot of resentment towards her. when she got drinking she would do nothing but complain about everything. and if you tried to get a word in she would cut you off. she never knew who i was or anything. as soon as she would cut me off and try to change the subject i would instantly get upset and angry and that would start an argument.

I understand where you're coming from. My mother is an alcoholic and I can very much relate to your home situation. I can also relate to the anxiety and depression. <br />
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Message me if you want to talk more. <br />
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