A Lifetime Of Abuse

From 1 hour after he gets up in the morning til when he goes to bed at 4 AM, he drinks. His favorites: wine, beer, whiskey, and vodka.

My entire life (that I can remeber), he has always had a drink in his hand. (Unless he has work that day then I might get to see him sober for an hour or two after work.) If it wasn't for the alcohol, he would be a good man. Unfortunately that is not the case.

When I was younger I remeber he would go on his drunk rampages and my older brother and myself would get beat. He would drag me across the ground by my hair after slapping me across my face and then my brother would normally jump on him to try to get him off me and take most of the blows. I can never thank my brother enough for doing that.

My mom saw him raise his hand once to me (but that time he didn't hit me because she was there) and she said that if he ever hit us or raise his hand like that again, she would divorce him. Now my mom said this, I need to remind you, but to this day she denies my father ever laid his hands on us. Even though I have told her when it happened and what happend, in detail, she doesn't believe that he has ever beaten us. That's what kills me the most. She denies that he has ever laid his hands on us! And even today she has made it clear not to mention to anyone that my father is an alcoholic. She doesn't care who it is, she is determined not to let this 'secret' out.

Now my father hasn't laid a hand on us (well, he has slapped me across the face only a few times since I was 8 and thrown my head into a vaccuum cleaner), but he does however constantly insult us when he is in a drunken state. He has called me a lazy pig, spoiled *****, disappointment to this family, told to get the **** out of his house, and many other names and things I can't say.

My mom literally tells me to stay downstairs in the basement to avoid him when he gets drunk. And I have told her many times to divorce his *** because he is verbally and mentally abusing her. He is very controlling (even when he is sober) and is a very, very angry drunk. But she won't because she can't work due to medical reasons and he provides the money. And then she goes on to say that he is a good man, but I never get to see that "good man" because he is always drinking!

I hate alcohol. It has ruined my mom's life, my brother's life, and mine. This (and high school) is what made me dispise alcohol so much. I refuse to drink. I refuse to be in a relationship with anyone who drinks (even if it is only socially and they don't get drunk) because I am not going to risk ever living with another alcoholic again.

I have already decided that whenever I do get married (whenever that is) he will not be invited, not walk me down the isle, and no alcohol will be served under any circumstance. I hate alcohol and I hate what people become when they drink.
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I can completely relate to what you said. In my situation, my mother is the alcoholic and father is the one who denies anything that she does, her drinking, and everything else. She is overly controlling and it gets me really mad that my dad just denies everything that she has done!
Just wanted to let you know that I'm in the same place as you. I hope everything turns out alright.