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My Mum...

My family is confusing im 16 my oldest sister is 33 my other one 26 both with 3 children and my brother is 19. My mum and dad split up when i was 8. MY eldest sister is an alcoholic and had 2 children by 1 guy and the 3rd with a crack head. We all live in council houses.... My other sister was anorexia from 14 to 17 but now has 3 children by 1 father. My brothers and sisters also have diferent dads... My dad is important to me he is the only one who listends however I resent him for the fact he cheated on my mum but then I dont blame him. I hate him for it as a allowed for my mums husband to enter my life, we will call him dickhead. I realised my mums drinking and behaviour was not normal by 8 when my parents split up. I could go throught everything that happened but It would take to long... But i have always been different from my family, I try hard at school its my escape... My mum has OD on her antidepressants 4 times they said another time she will be sectioned, I have had to mop up her sick stand between her and dickhead. Call the ambulance and hear them say she has taken a critical overdose... broken ribs lies, picking her up from under railway stations... And dickhead threatens me says no one wants me callls me fat and pins me up against the wall but my mums drunk at the time so in the morning doesnt acknowledge what happens. He once threatened to put me in hospital.... I have the matthew project though a charity who listen... I find it hard to build relationships as I dont want to be judged... People where mean to be at school, saying i shouldnt bother trying so hard but anything to get me out of this hell hole I got 6 A* and 5 A's in my GCSE's and i am still struggling at home but I vow to better myself and not have the life my mum does. I concentrate all my strength of studies and now have a steady group of friends though I have always felt different... my mum has never given me any support but I will do this on my own... I have seen my sister trn to that life but NOT me...
Logically Logically 16-17, F Sep 17, 2012

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