Shes An Embarrassment

I love my mum, but coz of her drinking she embarrasses me. Everyone knows my mums an alcoholic. When she's drunk she really makes a fool out of herself.

1) I have an older sister who is 24. My mum slept with one of my sisters friends younger brothers. All my sisters friends knew about it and now she can't talk to then coz she's too embarrassed.

2) I had my friend barny round recently. My mum was here. All of a sudden she mentioned my sexual abuse which he didn't know about and told him everything. She didn't just mention it once, but three times.

3) she argues ALOT. With people that don't deserve it. She even argued with my bestfriend and her mum. She threatened them and said my bestfriend was a slag.

4) all her problems go on Facebook. She's told the world about how my dad used to hit her and how she was molested as a child (which isn't true)

5) she once got paraletically drunk and passed out near my local shop. Some of my friends spotted her and tried to help. That night I was bombarded with Facebook messages with people saying they'd seen my mum.
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Yeah but she doesn't listen.