All My Dads

My real dad divorced my mom when I was 6, which I really didn't care because I was able to recognize he didn't really care about me and my sisters. At least I had my mom. But my mom had no one. So she married 2 more times and each time the man was an alcoholic. She's still stuck on husband #3. And in the last 7 years he has done little to nothing to change his behavior or drinking problem. Even being in jail for 6 months didn't change anything. I didn't need a stand in dad that put food on the table and a roof over our heads. There were plenty of people in our lives to help with that. What I needed was a father, to love me and my sisters, have fun with us, teach us how to drive, take us to parks, teach us the importance of work and school, stand up for us when we were in trouble, show us what it means to really love and take care of a family.

But the closest I got to that was a tv in my room and a LOT of alone time at home. No one talked, ate dinner together or really took part in each others lives. My step dads just sat there, on the couch, watching rerun shows from their childhood. And spending money where it doesn't need to go, like 2 60" tvs and a 2000 watt stereo just to watch old westerns. But at the end of the month we never had enough for food. My mom has never worked since I was 4 and my current step dad can't work due to disabilities. So they get money for having kids but not being able to take care of them and the hardest they ever work is when they have to leave the house for groceries, pay bills and maybe get some snacks or visit family. About 90% of the time they watch tv and sometimes consider taking my sisters to the park, but that only really happens once every three months. If my sisters are lucky. My sister has a mental disorder, but my parents don't really want to deal with her so my dad makes all the medical decisions since he works so hard to get disablity, and decides that my sister will not get proper treatment but instead pump her full of whatever medication keeps here quiet and gives them the excuse of saying they are having her treated.

Its not all his fault, but I hate having an alcoholic dad. He repeats everything he says and neglects to do anything a parent should do with their kids. But atleast they are well fed and have a roof over their heads.
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Jan 6, 2013