Most Of My Family Is Or We're Alcoholics

My Mother has a very addictive personality and has been addicted to at least one thing in most of my life. She has been addicted to alcohol off and on my whole life, addicted to gambling for a time, even cocaine for a short while. She used to disappear for 12 hours at a time when I was a kid and in high school it was a frequent occurrence for me to be calling jails and morgues looking for her. My stepdad has always just swept everything under the rug with her addictions and I have literally been the one to save her life multiple times when my daughters instinct kicked in and I found her in time. See my mother is a type 1 diabetic and alcohol creates life threatening situations with alcohol and I know she would not be here if I hadn't always been there. The past few years she's done really well but the other night she came home drunk, after driving drunk yet again as well. I am engaged to be married and I for one am ready to cast her out cause I for hell won't have my future family around alcoholics. I have always been around addiction and alcohol. 3 of my 4 grandparents were alcoholics, as well as my brother and 6 out of 8 of my aunts and uncles. An Aunt even tried to kill me after going insane after an overdose of prescription pills. My brother also just nearly overdosed on cocaine last weekend too. Why is my mother and the rest of my family so screwed up? My father has never been addicted to anything but cigarrets so thankfully him and my stepmom have healthy "habits".
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As an alcoholic I too know what the pain. It might be surprising to wonder why would someone experience a slow death like this on purpose. I think you are right to get out for now but should also try and get them help. I will tell you that leaving a person will only make things worse. It is recognized as a disease much like alzheimers but I unddrstand why you want distance. I feel sad for what u are going through

Good for you for not wanting your future family to be around that. You sound like a very strong person who isn't going to let these people ruin your happiness in your marriage and future life. Distance does help in these dysfunctional relationships- I've had to do the same thing!

This is beyond toxic. You gotta leave and start clean. Won't be easy, don't expect miracles. Stay safe x