Hurt, Insulted, Belittled

"You're so incompetent."

"You really need to wear more makeup..."

"You're so lazy!"

"You should probably go to the gym more than three time a week. You could lose a few more pounds."

"You're never going to get into college."

"The difference between yours and your sister's bodies is that you have the thighs."

"You're a disappointment."

"You won't get anywhere in life."

"You never supported me!"

I could go on forever. After I supported her through her alcoholism? While she betrayed me? She broke my trust, and I still respected her. I still loved her. I still carried her through her life when she couldn't do it on her own. This is how I get paid in return when she sobers up? After everything I've done for her, she picks out all of my flaws, flaws that I didn't even know I had.

I thought I was doing alright. I've made such huge changes in my life, positive ones. This is how she recognizes those changes. This is how she supports me.
Sarah196 Sarah196
22-25, F
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People don't appreciate the things we do and we blame ourselves for it