Fed Up

Since i was young my mom has been an alcoholic, falling all over the house and that. My oldest sister raised me and was always there for me. Unfortunately she passed away 6 months ago and it isn't easy to deal with. With school, my sister's death, and also maintaining a relationship i've been stressed. On top of all of this my mother's drinking has increased and i am also part of a custody battle between my parents. When she's sober she is a decent person, but she can't go anywhere without getting drunk or high. She has embarrassed me all my life and i'm sick of her. i wish the worst on her and frankly don't see her as my mother, i'm not thankful for having her. For me, my mother already has died, and my sister who was that for me is now also gone. It's hard to cope with all of this when I just need someone reliable and don't want to have to take care of a drunk parent. i honestly think there should be a law passed where if you have kids you shouldn't be allowed alcohol or any drugs. It's sickening to see such a waste of a life and have to acknowledge that i'm related to such a piece of ****.
NotMyIdeaOfLife NotMyIdeaOfLife
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2013