Actually, Its Alcoholic Parents

Both my parents are alcoholics. They drink from the break of dawn till late into the night. I have no idea how my dad still has his job. Its embarrassing when we have company over (which doesn't happen that often anymore) and both my parents smell of whiskey and bacardi. ._.
PhillyMonsoon PhillyMonsoon
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2 Responses Feb 10, 2013

Both of my parents are alcoholics, they know it but they carry on- I know how horrible it is, I never invite friends over because when I have it's just embarrassing for me, my brother is becoming just the same.

My dad is an aclocholic. And its to the point where i dont see him that much anymore. My mom and dad recently split because of his drinking. He was recovering but he relapsed. It tore my family apart. And I definitely know how you feel. & I couldn't imagine both my mom and my dad being like that. Im very sorry and I feel for you.

Thank you... I'm sorry about your dad