My Dad Was An Alcoholic. ...

My dad was an alcoholic.  He was sober, though for the last six years of his life.  Although he didn't have much part in my upbringing until I was 14, he was aroung often, and most times it wasn't pretty. 
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Im 21 years old now, my parents split up when me and my brother were young. The custody arrangements allowed my father to see us every other weekend. I distinctly remember him passed out (unconscious) various visits, and I could never wake him - quite a scary thing for an 8 year old. Other times I had to hide his keys after episodes of drinking. These are things I kept from my mom at the time - I loved my dad dearly and wanted to protect him.

My dad wasn't evil, he was always too drunk. when he was drunk, he wasn't able to be ANYTHING. I often wonder how he ever made home being so drunk, and then not even remember getting home. HE DROVE!!<br />
When he wasn't drunk, he was one of the nicest men you could ever meet. You couldn't really count on him for much of anything, though. His drinking always ended up getting in the way<br />
I know of the evil you mention, though. I've had a few of them in the past. Unfortunately.

I believe that! My mother was married to a man who was an alcoholic and he was very abusive to myself and my older brother. To this day I have never met anyone as evil as he was.