Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Tell me again
how much u care
how you'll love me forever
how you'll always be there

remember with me
the stories of past
memories of happy times
that will always last

dream with me daddy
of castles and knights
of rose covered fields
and bright starry nights

puppies at Christmas
and birthdays with clowns
sunsets on beaches
and visits to town

share with me daddy
some memories to keep
to hide the bad feelings
that run so deep

promises of love
and to always care
and how you didn't mean it
when you threw that chair

and remember that drink,
you said it was your last
'but hey what's a bottle,
it goes down so fast'

the nightmares and screaming
and hearing you fight
and mom waiting up
while you partied all night

loosing our house
and sleeping around
wondering when you left
if you'd ever be found

so share with me daddy
just make something up
'cause the truth in my life
is just too f***ed up...

                                   ~Just T

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12 Responses Jun 16, 2007

Hey sugar!! So miss you! Was wondering where my family went...

Wow Split. I love you. Beautifully written...deeply felt.

Pretty numb to it now but the memories never seem to leave us

This made me cry..

You are a awesome poet!!! get it published!!!

wrote this many MANY years ago but rings true... ruined what could have been a wonderful relationship

that is a good one

Soonermom I can only say RUN! My mother ran, I still see us looking out the back of that station wagon as she drove off. My father in the street and all of us crying with a car of grocery bags filled with our clothing. <br />
<br />
He has supposedly stopped but his behavior has not improved. She too drinks now, but with her friends and is a happy drunk. Doesn't make me worry any less about how she gets home but the one time I mentioned it she shut me out for months so now I just watch as they self destruct.<br />
<br />
It's hard, it's sad, and this poem, although a bit sophmoric, came from the heart.... a broken one.

I am chilled to the bone because I have a child who is growing up with an alcoholic father and I am helpless to stop it. I want to protect my son. I don't want him to have to feel this way and write a poem such as this. It was different with our older son when he did not drink so much. I see the tears and the anger and try to offer support and consolation to my son. I have talked until I can talk no more to his father about the damage he is doing. How selfish and demanding alcoholism is.

Holy crap do we have a lot in common. i wish i could send that poem to my father. it is beautifully written and gives me chills as it states all the things that i feel as well. My father was a drunk, a molester too, but on the outside, ONE hell of a dude. Well suffocated my dog in a green garbage bad, my mother was happy it wasnt a child. WTF is WRONG with ppl? i DONT give a s h i t that its a disease, intiially it was HIS choice. He is still alive but dead to me, i dont wish him well, just please go to hell!! HUGSSSSSSSSSS from someone who REALLY understands!!

Aw-w-w- child ,<br />
I hate the disease.<br />
Tis the curse a the Irish but not only. I've never felt the draw myself , an I'm so grateful. <br />
You were abandoned for alcohol , ya must break the chain and be there for the wee bairns. <br />
Sad an terrible for sure.

that is a good one