My Mother

My mother is an alcoholic. Her father was one too but he got sober when my brother was born. My mother is drunk almost every night but my father choses to ignore it. maybe it's because he has suffered alot with his family. it's easy to ignore because she only drinks at night but she always ends up drunk. my father goes to bed early because he gets up early for work and i always have to put my mother to bed. i sometimes awake in the night afraid she choked on her vomit or if i went to bed before her i fear she is still passed out downstairs. i never have friends over for sleepovers because i'm afraid they will find out. i know this is selfish but i'm ashamed of her. i have tried to talk to her about it but she gets angry and when i talk to my father he gets upset and pretends he doesn't know what i am talking about. i love her so much but i hate her for doing this to us? she knows how painful it is to have an alcoholic parent----how could she do this to us????

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You have every right to feel the way you do. You have to remember that your mother is not your responsibiilty. Please talk to an adult relative or friend about what is going on at home, contact your local chapter of Alanon. They can help you sort out your feelings and help you cope with your mom. I have been there, I know.

Of course you're ashamed. You have to assume the parent role, and that's not normal. Your mother is ADDICTED. And until she wants to stop being a slave to alcohol, she's going to continue.