Its the Reason I Dont Drink Alcohol

When I was a child my dad was a raging alcoholic. My mother was a drug addict who's motto was "just say yes" and she would do just about any drug out there.

I was raised by my father and stepmother. There were many interesting nights, late night fights, trashed furniture. I can remember sitting in bars for many hours. Many times that my dad drove trashed with me and my sibs along for the ride.

My dad, Dan, and stepmother, Joanne, stopped drinking when I was about 13. All of our lives improved. My dad was promoted not long after he got out of rehab, we moved into a nicer house, we were starting to be able to afford nice things. Their sobriety lasted about 11 years.

During a trip to the Florida Keys they decided to make a trip to Margaritaville. They had a drink and started their downward spiral. It wasnt long before they were drinking constantly.

My brother sisters and I had long since moved away and were starting our own families. My grandmother, my stepmother's mother, was living with them and was in poor health. In February 2000 my grandmother passed away. Joanne completely lost control and was constantly drunk every minute of every day until the day she died in March of the same year. My dad took his turn to complete the downfall. He drank to the point he couldnt function. He got 3 D.U.I's in 2 months. He was suspended from work for drinking on the job and was going to be fired except on the day he was to meet with his bosses, he drank himself to death.

I remember the phone call I got from the police. I was at work, it was a beautiful day in June. My dad's friend Craig found him that morning. The coroner estimated his time of death 24 hours prior to the time he was found.

From the time Dad fell off the wagon in Margaritaville to the time he was found dead and alone, took less than 3 years.

Statisticly I have about 125% chance to be an alcoholic. I have the urge to drink but I make it a point NOT to succumb to the disease. I will not let my children see me end my life at the bottom of a bottle.


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Such a sad and destructive life your parents led. You have made an excellent choice to break the cycle of addiction. Complete abstinence is wise. You are not missing much.

I don't completely abstain. I can enjoy a glass of wine or a nice bottle of beer occasionally. And I do mean occasionally. I'm talking 5 or 6 drinks a year.

Excellent. Sounds like the disease has passed you up.

I think as long as I don't run to alcohol as the means to escape some problem, I'll be just fine.

I am so in awe of your self awareness.. I admire your will and discipline. And know your children will grow up always being proud of their dad instead of sad and worried about him.

All I can do is what I think is right and hope it's the right thing to do. I'm proud of myself and that must mean something, right?

YES. YOU SHOULD BE. My son hates alcohol and always says there is nothing to be gained from drinking. He will probably never drink. He has seen too many people lose control and make bad choices.

I've seen people lose more than that. It's good that he understands the dangers of abuse. I hope that sticks with him.

It will. He is so much like my dad and John. Self disciplined in ways I am not

We have lost loved one to Drunk Drivers so it is also a loss to alcohol but not as self inflicted

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Dad has been gone for 8 years now but he started drinking way before I was born. I had to deal with alcoholism for the better part of my life and I came to tems with it when I started life on my own almost 20 years ago. Ive forgiven my parents. I am proud to be a nonalcoholic but it is not a badge I wear and it is not something that defines me. I just always have to remember that if I do turn to alcohol when I have a problem, I will wind up like my father.<br />
<br />
I hope things are working out for you. You wrote you "took those drinks" so I hope that is something that is in your past as well. I hope that you have reconciled with your children.