My Dad Is/was An Alcoholic

My father drank every Friday night for the first 15 years of my life.  I guess you'd call that binge drinker?  He would bring a case of beer home and sit in his den and drink from 6 pm to 6 am.  Then he would sleep all day Saturday.  It might not have been so bad if he just stayed down stair.  It was his coming upstairs for sex with my mom that was scarey.  Of course I didn't know that is what he woke her up for but I knew it wasn't to talk about sports! 

Anyway, many bad memories of fighting, crying between him and my mom as well as between him and my siblings.  Many holidays were ruined because of his excessive drinking and thats probably why to this day I get weird feelings around xmas and new years.  He's been sober for 31 years which was the result of a huge battle between my sister (who was also a drunk) and him were they ended up swinging knives at each other.  She got sober after that incident as well.

So one would think everyone lived happily ever after when the two of them became sober.  I think that is when the problems began though.  Without his drinking outlet he became controlling, irritable and OCD.  He didn't get sober through A.A. so I guess you can say he became a dry drunk.

Anyway, luckily I never followed their path but did become a food addict and had an eating disorder which I think I'm finally recovering from in middle age.  LOL...this is the same age that my father became sober. 


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