My Step Father Is An Alcoholic...

My Step Father is an alcoholic, so am I.  Much of my biological Father's family are alcoholics/addicts. Same thing on my mother's side of the family. Family curse perhaps?
dmwinchester dmwinchester
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1 Response Jul 17, 2007

Not a curse, a choice. My grandmother had 9 children, and all the ones that i knew were alcoholics,including my mother who died at age 63 with lung cancer and liver disease. I encourage you to find a good support group for adult children of alcoholics,i am going once a week and it is very helpful, and educational. alcoholism is definately a family disease in many ways.It,s effects can follow a child all of their life,if they do not get help. Children do not do as parents say< they do as parents DO. Make the right choice, you will be a much happier and healty person Good luck and message me if you need someone to talk to, icare and understand