My dad is an alcoholic, and that's the way he has been since before I was born.

My Grandpa is also an alcoholic so my dad had a natural tendency to be more resistant to alcohol, that made him had more chances of becoming an alcoholic or so I read in a magazine somewhere.

He had a wife before he met my mom, and he loved this woman very much, but she got sick of cancer and died. My dad didn't took it well and started drinking, but he could still hide it, some years later he knew my mom and fell in love with her without telling her about his secret. After I was born he couldn't hide it anymore and had a severe episode, my mom told me that when I was 3 or 2 years old I entered the house after playing outside and I found my dad passed out on the floor after too much drinking, mom tells me that I asked her: "why dad is on the floor?" and that she said: "he's too tired and is sleeping there". I don't remember that episode. Thankfully

After that he recovered and had another relapse when I was 6, then another when I was 8.

Fortunately he is an calmed alcoholic who just wanted to sleep most of the time due to his severe hangovers so he was easy to handle, he locked himself in a room without interacting with anyone. The problem was when he wanted to go to the bar, he almost never became violent for that, but he usually escaped from home when mom was busy with something or working. The result was always the same: Some hours or days after his escape either one of friends or the cops found him on the street and dragged him back home, or on the best case he would come back on his own, but he always looked like he was ran over by a truck or something like that.

After the relapse when I was 8, he was sent to an alcoholic rehab center, and after he got out he started going to meetings of an group of alcoholics anonymous and things got better for a time.

When I graduated of high school, he was sober for at least 10 years, (mom always told him that his breath smelled like beer, but he remained in control during all that time, no severe relapses) for my graduation he said that he wanted to celebrate... with a beer. All went downhill from there. That time he could not control himself and started drinking like a maniac for some days. I had never seen him really drunk, most of the time before that I only saw him on his hangovers. I finally saw him drunk and it was horrible. I had to deal with his constant escapes to the bar, and when he was carried back home by some good neighbours.

Saw him on his almost gay drunk behaviour, when he gave me kisses on the cheek tried to snuggle nearby me, saying: "I love you son" (heck, I wished that he could have told me that he loved me, that he was proud of me, but sober, not drunk). Thankfully he didn't do anything else and fell asleep out of pure drunkness.

One day during that relapse, I finally saw his dark side when I was hiding myself in my room, with his keys and clothes so he would not be able to go to the ******* bar, but I had to get out of my room after a few hours to go to the bathroom, when I came back to the room he was looking into my things for his belongings, I tried to gently get him out of the room, but he was pissed of and pushed me aside, I got angry and stepped between him and his belongings, and I used a fighting stance to try to scare him away (note: i don't know how to fight and he has some karate training!) guess what? It didn't work. He just said: "you wanna fight me? Come on then!" I was so angry, just trying to stop him from escaping again, trying to stop him from doing more harm to himself.

At that moment mom heard what was going on and tried to intervene. My dad got angry and threw me a punch, my mom hugged him while he was trying to hit me so the punch had less strenght than intended, I didn't move, took the hit into my stomach, and since I am not in a good shape, the impact was enough to make me fall straight to the floor. The punch got me angry, more angrier than I had ever been until that moment, I stood up and screamed: "IF YOU STAY IN MY ROOM, I'M GONNA KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!" My dad stopped trying to fight me, impressed by my rage I suppose, and mom got scared, but she reacted fast and dragged my dad away from my room and locked him in another room. Thank God. I don't know what could have happened if she had not reacted that fast, God Bless her. Thankfully I didn't cause any harm to my dad nor did something I would regret for the rest of my life.

You know what's the worst part of this? In the next day when he got sober, I asked him if he remembered anything of what happened and he said no. Go figure.

After that his job made him move away from our house, he lives somewhere else, but has good relationships with us. No other problems related to the issue since then, until now.

*NEW UPDATE, october 2015*
I had a birthday recently, my dad didn't even called me to give me good wishes, that hurts, but I just found out why he didn't call me: He has been drinking again. Dammit.
Even if he does it far away from me, it hurts. I wish my dad had never even tasted those cursed beers at all.

I can't hate him, when he's not drunk he's a very nice person, and has a college degree so he has a lot of interesting topics to talk about. But when he's drunk, everything goes to hell.

As far as I know, having an alcoholic parent has consequences, I only know about some of them:

1) Talking to me while the other person is drunk is an berserk button for me. I hate even the ******* smell of alcohol.

2) I'm an social outcast thanks to this, when I was a teenager I was invited sometimes to parties, and I never went because alcohol would be served there, related to point 1), over time they stopped inviting me, thanks to that I don't have many friends now, and even in college I never partied at all. I am too outcast to be happy in a party environment. And not many people can understand this.

3) I have an pretty severe fear of becoming an alcoholic, so I avoid any situation with alcohol at any cost. I hate alcohol. Related to prior points.

4) Due to my lower level of socialization compared to my peers, my social skills are terrible, and I never had a girlfriend, seeing a girl that I like drinking alcohol would be an inmediate deal breaker for me. Guess what? Almost all people I know drink alcohol! Ain't that wonderful? Some may say I am too picky, but is because of this story. Some of my other stories talk about the subject of "no girlfriend" if you are interested.

There may be some psychological stuff included into the consequences but right now that's all I know.

If someone cares enough to keep reading until the end of this story, you have my thanks. Sincerely.
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<3 I read it all. I feel you...I do. I agree with numbers 1-4. its all pretty screwed up. :/

Yeah, it was messed up.
Thanks for passing by. :D