My dad is an alcoholic and has been in jail like 7 times for drunk driving. He was never really there as a child cuz he was either out gambling away all our money or in jail. He thinks that he has a say in my life and tries to control it even though he's never been there.
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Thats very cruel and unthinking of him - alcoholics do seem to become very self-centred and disregarding of others feelings and ideas, tho. My father was also an alcoholic, but compared to you I got off lightly I think. I'm so sorry you have to endure this, it's awful - beyond your control and inescapable at the moment. Hang on and keep yourself safe, it will come to an end in a while.

My dad too. Except he totaled two cars. One which was my car that was supposed to be for my birthday. He was never there for me either. Always drunk and yelling mean and hurtful things. I'm sorry you have to go through that :/ it sucks. Just know it's not your fault.

Thank you it means a lot