My Mom Died

My mom died two weeks ago.  She drank my entire life.  She lived hours away, but I visited her once a month and was very close to her.  I don't know how to do this.  To go on without her.  My dad has been dead for twenty years.  I have no parents.
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2007

I'm sorry for your loss. My father drank himself to death 12 years ago. Though I knew the drinking would shorten his life I never expected him to be gone at age 56, so in many ways it was sudden and unexpected. <br />
It will take a little time to get your equilibrium back, but you will. Your mom would want you to live out a long happy life. Take care of yourself.

I'm so sorry to hear your story. How old are you? I'm 34 and lost my mom two years ago to her alcoholism. She was 56 and had been drinking for three decades. It's horrible and tough and your feelings about her death are no doubt complicated because her death was caused by a disease that people keep private and don't like to talk about. Maybe you feel guilt too, I do at times, or anger even that she left you. I've learned over the past couple of years to talk about it openly and it helps ... there's no use covering up what was, there's no shame in it, it is a disease. Time does help, and sharing, but it's still horrible no matter how you look at it. I hope you have at least one close friend by your side, or a sibling? Find a counsellor, or a psychologist through your family doctor, or a group to help you through this. I went to see a psychologist for a year and a half, and will likely go back periodically as it does me good and forces me to confront the issues. If you want to talk more let me know :)