Role, Anyone?

This isn't really a story, per se, but an appeal to those in this group who recognize or identify with the family roles often meted out to members of alcoholic families.  i was the scapegoat/identified patient, and am particularly interested in hearing from non-scapegoat people (e.g., hero, lost child, mascot).  my siblings and i represent each role to a perfect, dysfunctional T.  but none of them see it, so i just wondered if anyone out there who functioned as the hero, mascot, etc., ever have any thoughts about the scapegoat sibling; do /did you blame them? are you estranged from each other?  has s/he confronted you about being the family scapegoat (in lieu of the alcoholic)?

evanrude evanrude
36-40, M
Feb 15, 2010