Mom's Not Drunk, She's Just Tired --- Telephone Group Starting Soon!

So often I feel like I am outside looking in.

You know, I watch people and they all look so normal and happy carrying on with their lives. 

I want to join them so badly; I bang on the glass separating us and I wave and call out to them, but they don’t hear me.

I feel invisible and wonder “Am I really even here?”

I look in a mirror and see a faint image of my face. It’s fading away bit by bit and I wonder how I can hold onto myself before I completely disappear?                                                                                  

Are you the adult daughterof an alcoholic mother?

Growing up in a family where there is an alcoholic Mother can cause difficulty in allowing the daughter to grow into a happy and peaceful adult. This group is a place to explore how you may have been affected by parental alcoholism, what has worked well for you in terms of coping with the dynamics in your family, and what you may want to change in your current life. There is an emphasis on creating a safe environment where you can be free to express yourself and offer this gift to others...

How much is your happiness and inner peace worth to you?

You are in control of your own life and you can have a happy and successful life despite your childhood.

Join this group and learn how to find inner peace and happiness that will allow you to have a sanctuary away from the stress associated with everyday living. By looking deep inside yourself for peace you are in control of your life.

Inner peace is all about taking time to reflect on things that are happening in your life, to make you better able to have healthy relationships with others in your life.

Inner Peace is about you deciding how to live the rest of your life. The past is over; how you live your future is up to you.

So let me ask…

What would it would be worth to you if you had:

1. Relief. The realizations that you are not alone and that you are not crazy. It may be a life-changing event.

2. Peace. Going through the process eventually will allow you to experience a freedom that you have never felt before. When you are an adult, you can be the child you were unable to be when you were a child.

3. Connections.  People who do understand you without judging. Share your experiences with other people who have had similar situations as yours.

4. Support. A place to share, learn and listen to other women just like you.

 Group Training/Coaching Telephone Calls– You’ll be energized, motivated and know exactly what actions you need to take with 4 interactive group training and coaching calls that I will be personally leading. Each call is 75-90 minutes and features the perfect balance of teaching, coaching, consulting, group discussion and Q&A. This special program is limited to 5 – 7 hand-selected adult women of alcoholics. You don’t have to worry about getting lost in the crowd or feeling like you’re just a number; Instead you will have plenty of opportunity to contribute, receive personalized attention and learn from the immense collective wisdom ofthe group.

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Feb 28, 2010