Seems All To Common

Both my parents were Alchees My father kicking the habit the first  Supprised most of the folks with it he was told by a counsoler that he needs to be Addicted to something else besides alcohol and his brother with canser had suggested his kids  he accepted and ever scence then he showed us he was more then done with drinking he went to most if not all our concerts and games matches ect...ect... iv never seen my father drink but from what i gather he did his fare share of it he taught us to be mighty respectful of it, if we decided to drink and for the most part we have, my mother on the other hand she still drank up tell just under three years ago she only quit when my self and my siblings quit on her we said thats enough you are no longer welcome around us or we dont want to have anything to do with you  any more i know that not the rite answer but she changed for the better and now she is going to school to be a social worker to help those that are still looking for help in batteling alcholisim(sorry cant spell woth a darn). She is now sober as well but when i was born i was told by my father no less that when he drove up to the emergincy room doors and the doc started weeling her to the doors she said "STOP i left my martinie in the car!", to witch the doc almost slaped her i guess. needless to say i was two and a half months premee and i fared a lot better then most they thought i was a wet baby but iv done ok so far just thought id share that tid bit with you all. thanks for reading,-CGM

halfbaked87 halfbaked87
22-25, M
Mar 12, 2010