Just Been Thinking Lately

I'm flying out to see my dad for spring break in about a week, and its just making me think about things lately. I didn't have it bad like some other people who have parents with the same disease, but i think i have my mom to thank for that. I used to be so angry at him for all the stupid things he did. Bad situations my brother and I were put in as kids. seeing him go to jail more than once for stupid decisions.Constantly dealing with his lies.  I feel like I'm complaining when I shouldn't but I do get angry when i see him making the same mistakes over and over. Since he's moved away I haven't had to think about some of these things and it's been nice, but now that I'm going to see him  I don't know what to expect. I hope he hasn't lied this time. I hope it will be a good visit. Ugh I'm just rambling but i needed to vent somewhat. 

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Good luck with your trip &
I hope you get greeted by a sober father <3

oh sweetie, You must have suffered alot from your dad.<br />
I konw it's hard to say & hear but I wanna say that your dad must have changed <br />
he could be a better person than he was.....and mostly, he MUST MISSED YOU ALOT!!!!!!!!

thanks *hugs* at least if it goes bad i always have other family to stay with.

aw hon... yeah I hope it goes okay for you. you have a good perspective on it for sure. *hugs*

aw hon... yeah I hope it goes okay for you. you have a good perspective on it for sure. *hugs*

Papertowns,<br />
i so know what you are going thru! My dad just flew out to see me about 2 weeks ago and i havent seen him in 2 years before that and he told me he was ok...said he wasnt drinking, using drugs, taking too much meds etc...He was so full of ****! Totally embarrassed me in front of my moms side of the family by doubling over at the dinner table and throwing up in the bathroom and in my aunts kitchen sink just ridiculous.<br />
I hope your experience is better than mine however the best advice i can give you is dont set your expectations too high..addiction is a disease and it conquers all eventually...xox Let me know how it goes. dee

yeah I love my dad all the lying gets to me. I'm just hoping to have a good trip out there.