Promised Land Foundation

We are dedicated to providing grants to help veterans and their families at HOME who have suffered a war related disability or have lost a spouse while serving our country.

We offer grants for Mortgage Payments, Rent Payments, Utility Payments, Child Care Payments, Vehicle Payments and Other Assistance as approved.

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3 Responses Sep 11, 2009

Just recently, a few weeks ago we were victims of Flash Floods wherein one on my brethren whose family perished in the Floods leaving the father and son alive who survived calamity.<br />
We are hard up to recover what were lost lives and properties. In this regards your plans and en devour to help us is of much importance and necessary. We wish you would do it as soon as possible.<br />
your reply my E-mail <br />
<br />
Thanks.<br />
<br />
Rev Hermie A. Bathaluna<br />

To tell you frankly, the area is suitable for a Church,School,Business establishments and Auditorium and also small Farms. please reply to my <br />
Email : < > <br />
<br />
In Christ,<br />
<br />
Rev Hermie A. Bathaluna

In this connection being on of the officers of our Foundation here in the Philippines , we have made a resolution to offer a parcel of Land with an area of Five ( 5 ) hectares. to be donated to your Foundation by our adviser MR ALLAN D. BANTILO Overseer and Atty.-in-Fact of Dona Lourdes Rodriguez Yaneza Estate which in located in Quezon City -Philippines.<br />
The offer of a donation from our adviser would both benefit your Foundation and our and all the members here in the Philippines<br />
<br />
Thank you and God Bless you.<br />
<br />
Rev Hermie A. Bathaluna