A Silly Little Rhyme

She's cold, I'm hot

She's sober, I'm a sot

She's day, I'm night

She's wrong, I'm right

Her eyes are green, mine are blue

She's child #1, I'm child #2

She got married, I'm still single

She stands in the corner, I like to mingle

She takes her time, I act like I'm in a race

She'd flip if she read this, I'd laugh watching her face

GoldieMtZion GoldieMtZion
26-30, F
12 Responses Feb 13, 2008

Nice to know my sis and I are not so different then in the sense of our relationship :)

Ha ha, funny and true. Me and my sisters are like that, what one lacks, the other makes up for in excess.

ha well thanks 1tufcuky!

True and tasteful, not at all bitter or hateful! Recommend

haha I figured

Sisters ..that was supposed to be at the end lol

That's funny red. I love how people are like "no you're not sisters"...ummm pretty sure I know better than you on this subject. :)

My sister and i are complete opposites too.Noone believes it when we say we are.

oh well glad you can relate Fun. :)<br />
<br />
Isn't is funny though how you can be so different when you're from the same seed?

Too funny GMZ. I love this. I have one sister that is an exact clone of me and another that cringes when I walk into a room so I can identify.

ok ok you trying to outshine me?

nice addition...