My Twin Sister

My mother sents my sister and I were young would dress us alike
 yes we were twins but her and i was just alike as far as looks, but the hair was diffrent and our eyes
we diffrent ive got blonde hair and blue eyes, my twin has red hair and brown eyes
our personallity are so diffrent. most family and friends would say we are as diffrent as night and day. i guess i am the sun
always laughting having a good time out going and she was always nit picking and bicthing about everything always finding the
negtive in every thing shes like my mother nothing was good enough. and my twin has always treated me like sh t , and let me know
i was never good enough to be out in public with her ,she would call me down like i was a child just for laughting in a restront
so i got sick of it and i told her if she didnt like me and my husband laughting in public she could pay for her own darn dinner
or leave if we embrace her so badly , well another thng about her shes a controler she trys to controle me . well needless to say
she trys other ways to controle us like the last time we went out to eat she orderd a meal for almost $20.00 and didnt eat half of
it . this make us upset to do that trying to take advantage of us. so the next time we went out she was saying what she would order again
what she had the last time and i told the waiter she came to me first i told her we would have seprate bills my sister was paying for hers
lol well needless to say she changed her order and then got upset that we didnt pay for her meal. i told her why i told her she could have gotten
a more reasonalbe dinner and we would have payed for it but sents she wanted to take advantage of us we wasnt paying for it again like we have
done in the passed . my husband live on a budget and we have filled up her car and in 3 days she wants it filled up again or if she needs food
we take her to the store and get her what she needs well when we take her to the store you would think she would get sencentable food
but shes picking out states and stuff that would only last a few days and $100.00 for a single person will last for a week if you pick out
meals . I am I wrong for feeling she trys to use us? she always puts it in our face you have so much i have so little , meaning  we live and pay our
bills first then we can eat out . my house is payed for and we are on a budget and we dont live above what we can spend we watch our money
lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
Feb 14, 2012